My Credentials

Background & Experience

If you want to ge the most from your IT and Internet investment, remove your IT related frustrations, or align your IT capability to your business objectives, I can help.

  • 16 years successful freelance consultancy experience
  • 15 years senior management experience running IT departments and projects teams, including 3 years working on Wall St in New York
  • Worked for many blue chip companies and managed teams across 3 continents
  • My clients range from start up businesses to multi-national corporations
  • Proven track record of success in both Private and Public sector

“David was engaged (October 2008 to June 2010) to provide strategic ICT support, to develop the ICT strategy and to support the overall review of the value for money of the incumbent supplier. David very quickly developed excellent working relationships with the varied business areas of the council and subsequently developed an ICT strategy that really understood and took account of the business needs. Furthermore, David brought his significant industry knowledge to bear on the value for money review and made an excellent contribution. David’s composed and balanced approach together with his wide experience across the public and private sector made him a huge asset for my team.”  Peter Cosgrove – Liverpool City Council

What You Can Expect

My style is open and collaborative. I build strong relationships based upon communication, honesty and integrity.

I am both customer and results driven, and bring passion and energy to all elements of my work.

If you need more resources to run projects or to cover a range of requirements, my business has a number of highly qualified associates who I work with on a regular basis.

Notable Recent Achievements

  • Managed all IT and website development for a Dragons Den panelist, included all day to day development with an offshore team.
  • Ran the IT due diligence for a company acquisition, and managed the integration of systems.
  • Managed the programme to develop and replace all existing systems for a Utilities company, led the process from building the Tender through to implementation.
  • Led an 18 month review of outsourced services contracts and IT systems for a large City Council, identified savings opportunities of upwards of £10m per annum.
  • Built an IT department for a Borough Council following failed Outsource arrangements.
  • Led IT teams through the transition to a revised operating model and through periods of significant change.
  • Managed a number of transition programmes from inception to completion.
  • Produced a business case for a PMO, wrote the specification, and drove the implementation of the unit.
  • Developed and implemented a competency and role framework for global implementation across IT in an international Investment bank.
  • Developed the IT strategy for several companies and local authorities.
  • Ran several successful Tender processes to outsource support services and develop new systems.
  • Lowered the cost base of an IT department by over 40% of the original budget.
  • Defined and implemented a number of  highly effective IT and project governance structures.
  • Coached and mentored numerous individuals to improve individual and team performance.
  • Hired key individuals, including several Heads of IT into strategic management roles.

You can call me on 07905 669993

or contact me via email – david at