Can anybody really set up their own site using tools such as WordPress?

I see many bloggers and marketers making the case for this, but i’m really not so sure.

Yes, its a lot easier than trying to write HTML code or using one of the older methods such as Microsoft Front page. However there is still much to learn, I was a software developer in my dim and distant but I would not call WordPress intuitive to use. When I first tried WordPress it took me quite a few sessions to get to grips with and what I ended up with was not very pretty.

It also has to be said that the WordPress menus and options still require a degree of  understanding of both technical terms and website structures. The average technophobe is probably going to take one look and decide it all looks far too complicated.

I am sure that most people could learn if they put their minds to it, but this preassumes they have the ambition and appetite to do so and many simply will not.

And I think this is precisely the point. There are very few ‘one size fits all’ options in life. Website development is no different, there are mamy tools available and many price points to suit. There is also the question of design, with WordPress its easy to create a generic looking site that is hard to distinguish from hundreds or thousands of others. Unless you have the design skills you may well still need somebody to do the design for you.

WordPress is terriffic in the right hands and can create great looking sites when using a good theme, and its free (if using a free theme) so it ticks many boxes. However it would not be the tool of choice for professional web developers working with serious corporate clients, would you honestly like to see that one of your favourite high street brands had used WordPress to develop their site?

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